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Parents, Residents Blame Teacher For The Death Of Class 8 Pupil At Lower Kihara Primary School

Classes at the lower Kihara Primary School in Gachie, Kiambu County was disrupted for a while after parents and residents stormed the school’s compound on Monday and even Tuesday to demand answers to the cause of death of a class 8 candidate who allegedly fell from a flag masked during a science lesson.

The 12-year-old boy reportedly died upon arrival at a nearby hospital sparking anger amongst parents and residents who paralyzed learning in that area for the better part of yesterday.

For two days now parents and the community around this school have been camping and protesting the death of a closet pupil who allegedly fell from a flag post during the incident that occurred at 7.00 am on Monday.

The primary school was reportedly told by a teacher to climb a flag mask and remove an object that was stuck at the top. It took the intervention of the police officers from the area to restore calm.

Parents and residents claimed that the pupil was punished and he fell from the post but Kiambaa sub-county commander Michael Mushiri rubbished the claims

“I can tell you with certainty, this was no punishment this was a normal science lesson that just turned out very very tragically indeed.” Said the commander.

The sub-county boss has called on parents to exercise restraint and patience as the matter is being investigated the body of the deceased has been taken to Kihara level 4 hospital awaiting postmortem.



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