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Parents Move to Secure Slots in Alternative Schools For Form 1 Students

Parents Move to Secure Slots in Alternative Schools For Form 1 Students

The majority of Form 1 students are dissatisfied with the ministry’s placement, prompting parents to struggle to find other schools for their children.

Some children were denied admission to prestigious national schools that they had prioritized.

“During the selection, it became clear that a large number of candidates did not receive proper guidance and direction when choosing schools,” noted Education CS Ezekiel Machogu.

He advised dissatisfied parents to contact the respective school principals.

“Those who may not be satisfied with schools where the children have been placed can approach the desired schools for assistance,” he said.

A student who took the KCPE in Nairobi was placed in a school in Nyamira, for instance.

The ministry explained that the selection criteria for Form 1 placement were based on merit, choice, equity, and space availability.

Despite the fact that parents are searching for ‘better’ options, a number of students who did not choose a school were nonetheless placed.

Machogu reported that 33,984 students from 2,673 primary schools did not choose a secondary school to attend.

“I direct county directors of education to establish the concerned schools with a view of instituting administrative actions against the headteachers and/or schools management for failing to adequately register learners for examinations,” he said.

Approximately 270 students from slum regions were placed in their desired national and extra-county schools.

The ministry also put 9,019 learners from refugee camp elementary schools in public secondary schools.

On Tuesday, the governor of Kericho, Eric Mutai, conceded that the implementation of Junior Secondary Schools faces significant obstacles.

The governor remarked that relocating the Junior Secondary School (JSS) to primary schools has presented difficult challenges due to severe infrastructure limitations.

“The transition of CBC was not properly structured… the best thing to do, because we could not throw the baby plus the bath water was to domicile JSS within the primary school structures,” Mutai said on Citizen TV.

In order to make JSS a reality in primary schools, the government is confronted with a difficult position.

“As we talk now, we need laboratories within the JSSs. The primary schools don’t even have sufficient classrooms; we don’t have the right infrastructure in those institutions,” Mutai said.

Although the national govt has begun recruiting additional teachers, the governor stated that public school facilities leave much to be desired.

Parents Move to Secure Slots in Alternative Schools For Form 1 Students


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