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Parents Criticize Gov’t Over CBC Taskforce Exclusion

Parents Criticize Gov’t Over CBC Taskforce Exclusion

The parents’ organization has criticized the government for excluding them from a panel that was just established to evaluate the new CBC education system.

The new Parents Association Chairman, Silas Obuhatsa, argues that the government made a mistake by not including them in the panel of 49.

He noted that parents play a crucial role in educating pupils at home and in the operation of a school, and therefore, their exclusion makes no sense.

“Parents are a key part in running a school so when you form a task force excluding them it does not make sense. We looked at the task force and we saw lecturers who know nothing about primary school affairs,” he said on Sunday. 

He stated that the task force is found of professors with no knowledge of elementary school matters.

“And let me tell you, CBC is not something to joke about because it lays the foundation of a child and if you do it wrongly, the students will have no skills as they transit to junior and senior secondary schools. We want, in the near future, students who are fully equipped and competent.”

For his part, Secretary General Eskimos Kirumbi asserts that CBC has become a burden for parents and that excluding them from the task force will hinder children’s ability to acquire these skills.

“We as parents in the villages from the grassroots, have faced lots of challenges regarding our children because one you will find a child returning home when the parent is absent and yet they need help with work from school like sewing. They end up being helped by the house help.”

Parents Criticize Gov’t Over CBC Taskforce Exclusion


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