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Parents Challenged To Enroll Special-Needs Girls in STEM Programmed

Parents Challenged To Enroll Special-Needs Girls in STEM Programmes

Parents of special-needs girls have been encouraged to enroll them in science programs in order to provide them with vital career skills that meet current job market demands.

The Ministry of Education claims that enrolling the girls in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs will also promote self-sufficiency.

Moulid Abdi, Deputy Director of Special Needs Education, expressed concern that many children with special needs who are not allowed to acquire these skills will fail to excel.

“All learners including those with special needs must have access to quality education. That means that these learners have to be assisted in an environment where they can act well,” said Mr Abdi said during the launch of Ibuka Girls in STEM in Nairobi.

He believes that adoptive learning resources should be made available to students with hearing, visual, and other disabilities.

The Action Foundation’s Ibuka Girls in STEM program aims to increase the interest, skills, and knowledge of girls with disabilities in STEM-related fields.

According to the organization’s Executive Director, Maria Omare, the project will increase the chances of girls with disabilities enrolling in these career fields, increasing their future employability.

Omare explained that they are implementing various tailor-made programs aimed at achieving quality education through other stakeholders such as Google.

“It is important to prepare teachers to meet individual needs of these girls. Tailoring our training to make sure that all girls with different kinds of disabilities can participate meaningfully,” Omare added.

Stacy Irara, the lead of the Ibuka Girls in STEM Programme, stated that the project helps girls reach their full potential.

“We are committed to providing necessary materials to these girls that would enable them to not only learn normally like other students but also achieve quality education,” Irara said.

“Our call to action is to bring everyone together because there are so many aspects of this project that require support,” she added.

According to officials, the projects also aim to establish STEM hubs in special and integrated secondary schools. The goal is to increase STEM participation among girls with disabilities by providing them with study tools and supportive environments.

Parents Challenged To Enroll Special-Needs Girls in STEM Programmes


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