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Parents Association Want Nicholas Maiyo Jailed For Six Months

Parents Association Want Nicholas Maiyo Jailed For Six Months

Nicholas Maiyo and two other officials could be jailed for disregarding court orders to quit their positions.

On Tuesday, National Parents Association officials led by David Obuhatsa filed a complaint for contempt of court, attempting to have the three imprisoned for six months for disobeying the September 19 directives.

The officials also requested that the ex-officials be sent to the Nairobi Industrial Area Remand Prison and the Nairobi Women Prison-Langata for the specified time duration.

On October 6, the court will give its ruling on the matter.

“Take notice that the Honorable Court shall be moved on the 6th day of October 2022 at 9.00 o’clock in the forenoon or so soon thereafter as the Counsel for Applicants may be heard on the application,” the court said.

Maiyo, Jeremiah Nyakundi, and Sarah Kagendo Mitambo were ordered to depart the office within seven days, per the issued orders.

In addition, they were required to turn over their bank accounts, office files, receipt books, sponsorship agreements, membership registrations, and any other official documentation.

This occurred after it was determined that Maiyo’s election had been fraudulently conducted.

The court prohibited Nicholas Maiyo, Sarah Kagendo, and Jeremiah Nyakundi from attending or participating in any education conference organized by the ministry or any other stakeholder.

The High Court’s Justice Hedwig Ong’udi additionally directed that Obuhatsa be recognized as the association’s chairperson.

Tuesday’s application stated that authorities attempted to be handed over to the office at Re-insurance Plaza but were denied entry.

It was also said that the former authorities were not willing to comply with the court directives.

The application states, that even after being served with the court order, Maiyo called a press conference on September 22 and informed the public that they should not be concerned because he did not recognize the orders issued by the court on September 19; therefore, he was going to carry out his duties without fear.

Parents Association Want Nicholas Maiyo Jailed For Six Months


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