Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Parent sues school for expelling her son

A parent has gone to court to sue Brookhouse School for expelling her son from the institution over a fight with his fellow students.

In what she terms as discrimination against her child, the parent wants the court to order the school’s Board of Directors to readmit her son since other children alleged to have fought with were not punished.

Represented by lawyer Musyoki Mogaka, the parent argued that it is unconstitutional to deny her son the right to education while his peers are going on with their education considering he was suspended in January 2020.

“The school continues to violate her child’s fundamental rights and unapologetically operate under unfair administrative actions that expose the parents to potential abuse through their unilateral decisions,” said Mogaka.

Mogaka argued that it was unfair to lock the child out of school and a violation right to attend a school of his choice over accusations of a fight that has not been proved.

In her affidavit, the parent said that she was asked to visit the school in January 2020 on account that her son had violated the school rules but was refused audience by the school’s director and alternatively directed to meet the deputy principal who was in charge of the disciplinary case.



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