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Nyamira MPs Rule Out Buying Buses for Schools

Nyamira MPs Rule Out Buying Buses for Schools

Two Nyamira County MPs have declared that purchasing school buses is not a top priority.

Clive Ombane Gisairo of Kitutu Masaba and Patrick Osero of Borabu have stated that they will focus on improving physical facilities in educational institutions.

Former MPs from the two constituencies appeared to have prioritized the purchase of school buses.

However, Osero and Gisairo referred to the purchase of school buses as “showbiz.”

Separately, the MPs stated that most schools have deplorable facilities that impede performance.

“We are not opening a transport company in Kitutu Masaba. I can save my salary and purchase a bus after I have done the basics. You need proper infrastructure in schools. Some schools don’t have basic facilities like ablution blocks and water,” said Gisairo.

Gisairo went on to say that the buses have become liabilities for schools because they require at least Sh500,000 in insurance each year.

“We can only think of school buses when our institutions have well-equipped science and computer laboratories, good and habitable classrooms, offices, and other facilities,” he said.

Osero stated that a  bus costs between Sh8 million and Sh10 million which is enough money to build and equip four laboratories. 

Even though Kiabonyoru ward has eight buses, he noted that only one received a B+.

.”This culture of buying buses is over. With proper facilities, the performance of our children will improve.”

After completing Form 4, the MPs asked parents to enroll their children in technical schools.

Kitutu Masaba Technical and Vocational Training Institute, according to Gisairo, is underutilized.

The institution has 165 students enrolled but has a capacity of 1,000 students.

Nyamira MPs Rule Out Buying Buses for Schools


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