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Noticeable CBC Flaws and Three Taskforce Team Options

Noticeable CBC Flaws and Three Taskforce Team Options

In this term, the government will establish a CBC task force to collect opinions that will guide the continued development of the CBC and the implementation of junior secondary schools.

The task force has three options; keep CBC, improve it, or revert it back to 8-4-4.

There’s a concern about the resources invested in its implementation if it’s scrapped and about Grade 6 students, who are set to transition to junior high in 2023.

CBC is a new education system based on learning-to-learn, digital literacy, self-efficacy, critical thinking, problem-solving, citizenship, communication, cooperation, creativity, and imagination.

Germany, Finland, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, and Malaysia provide some inspiration. CBC replaces the exam-based 8-4-4 System.

Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development’s (KICD) Basic Education Curriculum Framework (BECF, 2017), reveals CBC isn’t awful but contains noticeable flaws.

CBC’s education system is 2-6-3-3-3. Two years in pre-primary, six in primary, three in junior secondary, three in senior secondary, and three in tertiary.

The curriculum’s pioneers are in Grade 6, and in just a few moths they will be in junior high school. Grade 6 students are ready for national assessment (KPSEA)

The ministry is building facilities for the lot ahead of the double intake in January 2023 when 8-4-4, secondary schools will also admit Grade 7 CBC students.

Teacher preparation is also questionable. Teachers are educated for the 8-4-4 System. Critics say teachers need in-service training, seminars, and workshops to increase their competencies and develop soft skills like flexibility and adaptability.

CBC’s concept for parental engagement and pricey children’s materials seems to be the main issue of those opposing the curriculum.

The lack of enough trained teachers in metalwork, woodwork, electrical, aviation technology, building construction, power mechanics, drawing, and design is also a factor raised by stakeholders.

Noticeable CBC Flaws and Three Taskforce Team Options


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