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Not Yet Time To Re-open Schools. KESHA Says Despite The Dropping Curve

Public secondary and primary schools are not yet ready for re-opening despite the coronavirus curve going down in the few past days. This is according to the Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (KSSHA)

Speaking yesterday led by KSSHA Chairman Kahi Indimuli, they said that there are a number of considerations that need to be fixed in schools before the resumption of learning in order to guarantee children's safety. 

Mr Kahi Indimuli said it is not possible for public secondary institutions to enhance social distancing in the current situation if learning is to resume calling for a clearcut plan to solve the high population of learners. 

Mr Indimuli noted that it would be good to reopen schools for learners to resume with their learning but only if the Ministry of Education provides a concrete way solution that will enable the secondary school heads to work without falling back. 

The KESHA Chairman maintained that it is not yet time to reopen learning institutions due to several issues that need to be sorted out such as maintaining 1.5-meter social distancing. He added that it is not possible for the schools to achieve that precaution. 

On the issue of face masks for learners, KESHA noted that it was not clear on how it would be implemented adding that they need to tell clearly if the government will give the face masks to children for free or the parents will have to buy the masks. 

Mr Indimuli, however, said that if the government is to provide face masks to children at a free cost, then the Ministry of Education should start the distribution immediately before reopening of schools. 

He added that there is an urgent need for ensuring that schools have water storage facilities and a plan of how schools in places with inadequate water would get access to water in order to keep children safe. 


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