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Wilson Sossion Lacks Leadership and Negotiations Skills To Engage TSC and Government – Collins Oyuu.

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Secretary General aspirant Collins Oyuu has accused Hon Wilson Sossion of lacking leadership and negotiation skills that would benefit the former giant union.

He said KNUT used to be a very strong union, but was killed by the mismanagement of the trade union under the hands of Sossion.

“I said it here, I’ll repeat it everywhere that Kenya National Union of Teachers is not a personal property.”

“The skills that our leaders have in leadership are all rotten. The negotiation skills of one Wilson Sossion should be thrown into the dustbin. He cannot negotiate with the employer, he cannot negotiate with the government. I think he knows nothing in the line with negotiation.”


He said that lack of leadership skills is KNUT has decided to change the leadership in the position of the secretary-general.

“As we speak now, all members of the national steering are in this lineup. He’s remaining alone, now the question is if you’re a real leader if you have leadership skills must you remain alone?”


KNUT Is On The Deathbed.

“If you are a leader, a serious leader in this movement, you must be ready to work with the government of the day so that you bring all that is required and all that pertains to the benefit of KNUT. My brother cannot work with the government of the day, my brother can only chest thumb and do nothing in line with negotiations.

“I want to say here now this union is actually dying. This union is on the deathbed. We must save this union by coming up skillfully to address issues.

“We don’t have listening skills and you all know as teachers that listening is a virtue very important to have you succeed.

This is one secretary-general who has never gone through elections, and I think this is where the problem comes about. He doesn’t know how to sweat.

“We cannot proceed this way. We are only waiting for the ballot and the ballot shall send one of us home. Sending one of us home shall mean that the union shall come back to his feet. I’m not afraid to mention this one person. The one person to be sent home is none other than Wilson.”





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