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TSC Reinstates Back Unjustly Fired Teacher Following Ombudsman intervention

A teacher at Itierio Boys Secondary School teacher had been fired by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) over alleged desertion of duty.

Mwalimu Sagwe Fred Ondieki’s salary was suspended with effect from October 1, 2018, after being interdicted by the TSC Sub-county director. He says he was excluded from the TSC payroll without any explanation.

Sagwe neither received a show-cause letter nor a dismissal letter. He says he visited the TSC’s offices both at the county and national level many times but his grievances were never addressed.

After several attempts failed he decided to seek the assistance of the office of the public advocate, the Ombudsman.

“It is now 11 months since my salary was stopped, and during that time I have suffered psychological problems of being indebted. I am under pressure with fears on my privacy and security…..My family has suffered immensely since then for I can’t provide the necessary basic needs and wants.” Ondieki said in his letter to the Commission on Administrative Justice.

The teacher noted that he had been served with what he described as unfair treatment, injustice, unresponsive official conduct, and abuse of office by TSC.

He further lamented TSC had ruined his reputation as he was daily threatened to be taken to the Credits Reference Bureau (CRB) due to his inability to service his debts.

“I am kindly requesting that the commission on administrative justice ‘Office of the Ombudsman’ arbitrate amicably on this dispute.” He appeared in a letter to the commission.

The Ombudsman promptly took up the matter with TSC and On December 14, 2018, TSC received a letter of a complaint from Mr. Ondieki through the ombudsman.

“By means of this letter, you are requested to respond to the issue raised and revert to us within 14 days thereof, clearly indicating your position on the same, steps taken if any or intended actions and timeframes in the event,” The Ombudsman wrote.

After the ombudsman mediation, Ondieki indicated, that the TSC Deputy Disciplinary head communicated to him.

“I truly believe that were it not for your efforts they could not have made a contact.” Mr. Ondieki revealed this to the Ombudsman.

“Upon inquiries by the Commission, TSC served the complainant with a “notice to show cause” letter and a disciplinary case ensued which was concluded and the complainant reinstated.” The Ombudsman confirmed.

The matter was resolved amicably with Ondieki being reinstated. His salary that had been suspended was paid to him in arrears as confirmed by TSC via a letter to the Ombudsman.

“The complainant, through an email dated March 1, 2021, also confirmed that the matter was resolved and gave his thanks for our intervention.” The Florence Kajuju-led commission responded after a successful appeal of the matter.



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