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TSC Faults Top Universities For Missing TPD Course Tender

TSC Faults Top Universities For Missing TPD Course Tender

Universities have been heavily chastised for failing to offer refresher courses for teachers.

Nancy Macharia, Chief Executive Officer of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), chastised the institutions for failing to bid on a tender to provide teacher professional training courses.

TSC said that top universities and educational training institutions did not apply for the tender to provide Teacher Professional Development (TPD) courses.

Only eight universities applied, and the majority of them did not meet the requirements to offer TPD courses.

And apart from Kenyatta University, the University of Nairobi, another university that provides education, did not tender.
“What can we do if something like this is out in the open and you don’t tender?” she asked.

This comes after questions were raised about the criteria used to select only four institutions, with top universities offering education training being excluded.

Only Kenyatta University, Riara University, Mount Kenya University, and the Kenya Management Institute (KEMI) were selected to train teachers.

Macharia, on the other hand, stated that universities will have another opportunity to participate in providing mandatory refresher courses for teachers.

She also stated that TPD will be continuously monitored and evaluated in order to ensure quality and receive feedback.

One requirement, according to Macharia, is that the institutions have a centre at the sub-county level.

Some universities did not tender because they lacked the necessary documents, such as tax compliance papers from the Kenya Revenue Authority and audited accounts.

TSC launched the TPD programme on September 22nd, a new module that will see public school teachers renew their professional certificates every five years.

TSC Chief Executive Nancy Macharia stated during the training program’s launch that the TPD is a life-long learning program organized in six-tiered competency levels, with each level taking five years to complete.

This means that throughout the 30-year teaching career, each teacher will be required to take a total of five modules, which will cost around Sh180,000.

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There were also concerns that the tool could be used to target teachers for promotion and unfairly blame them for poor performance.

Macharia, on the other hand, stated that the quality of education has improved since the implementation of TPAD.

TSC Faults Top Universities For Missing TPD Course Tender



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