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Tiktok warns parents about online challenges for students.

Tiktok warns parents about online challenges that endanger students.

TikTok, a multibillion-dollar social networking company, has warned parents about some online challenges. For may endanger their children as schools close for the summer.

Some of these challenges, according to TikTok, have the potential to be harmful if children are not supervised by a parent or guardian.


Parents Have Been Requested To Monitor Their Children During Holidays.

TikTok has added new resources to guide parents on the safety measures to take. These include the recently banned milk crate challenge, charlie charlie, blackout, tooth filing challenge, and beer basketball challenge.

“…the effects and concerns are felt by all. And we wanted to learn how we could develop even more effective responses to better support teens, parents, and educators,” TikTok said in part.

Tiktok warns parents about online challenges for students.
Children glued on gadgets going through the TikTok craze.

Among these measures is a dedicated challenges page on the Safety centre, which contains information for teenagers, parents, guardians, and educators. TikTok improved this by creating an in-app guide to house the information.

“If members attempt to search for content that we have identified as potentially harmful challenges and hoaxes. They will be directed to this new in-app guide. Searches for content that violates our Community Guidelines will be blocked in the future. This in-app guide will be displayed instead “read a portion of Tiktok’s statement

Furthermore, the new in-app guide directs parents and teen users through a four-step process for participating in online challenges.

Tiktok warns parents about online challenges that endanger students.
The Tiktok Craze

This includes the steps of stopping, thinking, deciding, and acting. For those challenges deemed to put others in jeopardy, as a parent or guardian, flag or report as malicious.

For example, take the Charlie Charlie challenge. It was a demonic game that has developed a cult-like following among young people all over the world.

The game entailed crossing two pens to form a grid with sectors labelled yes or no. This resulted into summoning a supernatural entity known as Charlie. If the person asks a question like “Are you here?” and the pen rotates, it means the entity is present.

The game, which gained worldwide attention, resulted in over 1.6 million tweets about the challenge, with many school children taking part.


Furthermore, millions of young people participated in the mix crate challenge, putting their lives in danger in the name of fun and keeping up with the trend.

TikTok has stated its intention to keep its platform safe from harmful content in order to continue attracting a global audience of over a billion users.



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