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Three Schools Remain Closed Due To Insecurity In Garbatulla, Isiolo County

Learning has not yet resumed in 3 primary schools in Garbatulla, Isiolo County, due to insecurity which has seen 3 lives lost in the past month.

In Rapsu, Korbesa and Escort tensions are still high due to the clashes between two communities residing on the boundary of Isiolo and Garissa. The clashes have seen locals flee Kinna Township for safety.

The postponed reopening of Rapsu, Korbesa and Escort Primary Schools has interrupted learning of over seventy Grade 4 and Standard 8 pupils.

Korbesa Primary School headteacher Abdi Molu has urged the government quickly establish a police station or General Service Unit camp so that the Standard 8 candidates can resume learning.

According to the principal, raiders from Garissa lately vandalised the school, took foodstuffs from the storehouse and torched dwellings in the area, leaving inhabitants homeless.

“Many pupils have left with their families and we need the learners back in school, especially Standard Eight candidates, who will sit for national exams in March,” said Mr Molu.

Before learning was disrupted in mid-March following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, 2 women and a man from the area were kidnapped by people thought to have come from the bordering county.

The headteacher now says insecurity has seen many parents withdraw their children from schools. Many farmers had fled Rapsu Irrigation Scheme leaving farms open to wild animals as crops remained destroyed.

“If things don’t change. we risky starvation because wild animals will destroy all our crops,” said Rapsu Irrigation Scheme Chairman Abdi Ali.

“Many shops have been broken into after people fled,” said Kinna Maendeleo ya Wanawake Chairperson Mumina Hussein, adding that girls are at risk of being lured into early marriages or pregnancies.

Mumina promised to liaise with administrators in tracing all learners before January 2021. But calm has been experienced lately according to Garbatulla Deputy County Commissioner Stephen Nyakundi who has assured residents that the situation is under control.

He invited to those who had escaped to in Kinna to return to their homes. A police post with 6 officers had been instituted in the area and 5 more officers would be posted according to the Deputy County Commissioner.

“We shall continue engaging the community as we seek lasting solutions to their challenges. We are committed to ensuring security for all,” he said. The residents expressed readiness to return home once they have established that measures are in place to protect them.

According to Waso University Students Organisation Chairman Abdi Galgalo, series of conflict have adversely affected education. He said only 61 secondary students from Garbatulla joined university in 2019 adding that this year could be worse considering that learning has been paralysed for class 8 candidates.



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