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Teachers Salary Not Tied To Community-Based-Learning. Magoha Assures Teachers

Education CS George Magoha has assured teachers of their salaries whether they participate in Community-based-learnings or not, a contradiction of what Chief Administrative Secretary Zack Kinuthia had said. 

Mr Kinuthia through his Facebook wall had told teachers that their salaries won't be paid if they were not registered for Community-based-learnings. Education CS said on Sunday that teachers salaries won't be tied to the Community-based-learnings program.

He said that teachers who will be part of the program have already been mapped out by the Teachers Service Commission however encouraged more tutors to register. The program is expected to start in the first day of September this year. 

The program which is yet to be rolled out by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the National and county governments is in target of Secondary students and primary pupils for a face-to-face four hour lessons each day. Coronavirus containment measures will be strictly adhered to. 

He said the education ministry is fully prepared for the program which is aimed at guiding learners cope with the emotional and social impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and to rightfully get the knowledge about the virus. The teachers will be tasked to guide learners in guidance and counseling as well as life skills and values. 


United Nation agencies had warned of possible hurting of learners should the school closure continue for long. The World Health Organisation has for some days now been championing for early safe resumption of learning despite the high Covid-19 infection rate. 

United Nations Children’s Fund also has been in talks with governments urging them not to be blinded by the fight to contain the virus warning of a high possle outcome of raising up a lost generation. According to UNICEF, it is very harmful to let children stay at home longer. 

Both WHO and UNICEF argue that learners are undergoing stressful life as they lack proper nutrition and are exposed to dangerous exploitative violence early pregnancies, and mental challenges due to lack of proper interactions. They are calling for schools to reopen just like businesses. 

Led by Mr Malick Fall the East and South Africa regional director of Unicef they say their decision based on the reseach and analysis of the risks encountered by school going children as schools remain closed. 

Their sentiments were bitterly opposed by Education CS Magoha who has accused them of playing double games adding that they recieved protocols from the two organizations and which applies to every human including learners. He promised never to put any child at risk. 

While comparing Kenya to other nations, the cabinet secretary noted the Kenya and Africa continent was doing better than Asian countries. He said Kenyan government loves it's children and went further to ask whether WHO and Unicef assume Africans are guinea pigs. 

Education CS strictly assured Kenyans that schools will continue with the closure and for the case of reopening only president Kenyatta will decide whether to take the risking action. 



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