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Teacher dies after a drinking spree in pub

Detectives in Bomet County are investigating the death of a teacher who dropped dead after a drinking spree, creating panic among employees and patrons.

The cause of death on Tuesday at 3 pm was not immediately known but some people feared Covid-19. The secondary school teacher is said to have travelled with a colleague for lunch at noon and then continued to drink.

The two are assumed to have taken undiluted drinks in a private room until 3 pm when one of them departed. After 3 pm, an attendant went to check on the customer and found him unconscious on the floor.

A bar attendant stated they ordered 750ml of vodka without a mixer. The colleague left. The two seemed friendly and jovial, according to customers.

“When I returned to the room to check on how he is doing I found him unconscious. That’s when I raised the alarm and alerted the manager,” she said, asking not to be named.

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The teacher was rushed to a nearby health centre where he was pronounced dead. Bomet Central sub-county police commander Musa Omaru said his officers are investigating and are awaiting a post-mortem report. Bar employees have recorded statements.

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