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School Unrest: Koelel, Kimulot, Chesamisi High Schools Closed. 

Koelel High School in Gilgil has been closed indefinitely after rioting students destroy dormitories and classrooms. Experts blame unease in schools to poor administration – students communication as well as failure to read early warning signs.

Kimulot Boys High School dormitory has been blazed by students today on January 25, 2021. The fire is thought to have started at 5 am just before the students went out for early morning preps.

The fire destroyed property whose worth is yet to be ascertained. No deaths or injuries have been reported so far. This newest incident steers to a wave of outrage and unrest among secondary school students who are just in the 4th week of learning since schools reopened after 9 months.

A senior teacher at the school explained that the razed dormitory houses 288 students out of the 1200 total population. Some students were able to salvage their belongings but most properties were razed down by the inferno.

“The fire has been contained from spreading to other structures in the school through an effort by members of the public, students and fire marshals from the county government of Bomet,” said the county disaster management officer, Stanley Mutai.

The incident comes just hours before another at Chesamisi High School where the students objected the suspension of their mates over school entertainment.

In Chesamisi, the protesting students destroyed a computer lab and 2 vehicles, one of them being their principal’s.The school has been closed indefinitely.



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