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Professor Charles Ong’ondo, Has Been Appointed As The New KICD Director

Professor Charles Ong’ondo is the new director at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD).
He has replaced the previous acting Chief Executive Officer Dr Joel Mabonga who stepped in for Dr Jwan Julius, after being appointed as the PS for Vocational and Technical Training.
Prof Ongondo emerged the top candidate in an interview of more interested competitors.
The Moi University Associate Professor in English Language Teacher Education was in the Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Media (CIEM).
He will be in charge of implementing the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC). Grade IV rollout was slated for this academic year but was affected by the coronavirus pandemic that led to school closure. Grade one, two, three and four had already been implemented.
The Ministry of Education has been trying to implement the full roll-out of the CBC in all learning institutions across Kenya. This is what the Education CS promised when he 
“This is my first instruction to ensure the CBC is fully implemented and successfully rolled out across all schools,” Magoha said when he assumed duty at Jogoo Office.
Currently, the rollout of 2-6-6-3 curriculum to Grade 5 seems to be ready as nine publishers have been assigned the tender to produce textbooks.
Moran Publishers, Kenya Literature Bureau(B), Longhorn, Mountain Top, Jomo Kenyatta Foundation, East African Educational Publishers, Spotlight and Mentor Publishers have been tasked to publish twelve textbooks for schools.
Prof Ong’ondo has been at work as a member of Kenya National Taskforce on Access, Relevance, Transition, Equity and Quality for Effective Curriculum Reforms Implementation since Jun 30th, 2019,

Professor Ong’ondo has published 6 books, 5 book chapters & twenty-six English journal articles. He is also the Executive Director at the African Network for Internationalization of Education (ANIE). 
At ANIE, the professor has spearheaded the advancement of advocacy, high-quality research, capacity building, transnational networking and information sharing, on the on Africa's internationalization of education.

 ANIE strives to encourage development stakeholders and African Educational Institutions to grab the optimal advantage of the chances offered by internationalisation. ANIE's Secretariat is based at Margaret Thatcher Library, Moi University, main campus.
Prof. Ong’ondo is also a part of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL)  member, Language Association of Eastern Africa, and founder of Kenya Association of English Language Educators and Researchers. 

He is a member of KAEAM (Kenya Association of Educational Administration and Management) The formers Communication Studies, Head of Department (HOD) at Moi University also served the instruction for 6 as the Head of Department of  Moi University for 6 years. 
While at Moi University, he was the acting dean of the School of Information Sciences and School of Human Resource Development. He is currently a part of the KAEAM Kenya Association of Educational Administration and Management). 

Prof Ong’ondo is the founder and Chairman of the God Kado Mixed Secondary School Board of Management and a BOM member at Bishop Okullu Magare Girls High School.
He has adjudicated and facilitated workshops and festivals for the Kenya National Schools & Colleges Drama Festival, and the Kenya Music Festival (KMF) at the National and regional level.
Prof Ong'ondo has over ten years of English Language and Literature secondary school teaching experience 



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