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No Teaching, No Salary. Teachers Warned On Community Based Learning

Teachers have been warned that they must participate in community-based learning to safeguard their salary payments. Education CAS Kinuthia warned that failure to register will be termed as absconding of duty adding that any interference to this program will lead to arrest and Prosecution. 

He clarified the confusion in the public domain by denying that the current education curriculum will be replaced by Community Based Learning. According to the CAS, the government is not ready to see children die at any cost. 

He revealed that in only Kilifi County more than 4500 primary school teachers and 1300 secondary school teachers have already registered compared to a total number of  5757 and 1765 government teachers consecutively, putting doubt of the salary payment of the unregistered teachers. 

On Friday he had met the officers from the Ministry of Health at Kilifi County over the matter. Also present at the meeting was the security department of education ministry. Basic education will be conducted in villages on tree shades and social halls. Open grounds will also act as learning centers. 

Covid-19 health precaution measures requires learners to put on face masks and engage in small groups of 15 students to enhance social distance. Regular sanitization and washing hands will be practiced as the Ministry of Education is tasked to make sure that no school-going children will miss the program. 

He added that a group of 15 learners is idealistic as it gives learners satisfactory opportunity for them to be engaged by teachers as noting that teachers should take advantage of the CBL since children are not aliens. He also said that both the National government and the county governments will provide masks and water for learners. 

Universities and colleges will carry their own students health observations as the Community-based-learnings is meant for the secondary students, pre-primary and primary school pupils only. Mr Zachary Kinuthia noted that the safety of children and their teachers will be safeguarded by the government. 



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