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Mombasa launches the Covid-19 student competition.

Mombasa launches the Covid-19 student competition.

The Mombasa County government has partnered with the Mombasa campus of Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology (Jkuat) to launch the Covid-19 High School Innovation Challenge 2021.

The competition will include nine secondary schools from across the county, with the grand finale on November 12 to determine the winners.

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The competition’s goal is to encourage students’ early innovation, creativity, and critical thinking.

Anwar Ahmed, the ICT chief officer, and a team from Jkuat Mombasa campus, led by deputy director Collins Ondago, were in Memon High School last week to judge the selection process of a team that will represent the school in the challenge.

Mohamed Noor and his team from Memon High School will be representing the school with a smart hand sanitizer machine.

Ahmed stated that, through their collaboration with Jkuat, they were looking into developing an Artificial Intelligence Center that would serve as an innovation hub for the county’s aspiring innovators.

He also stated that the county intends to establish an Innovation Fund to assist innovators.

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According to JKUAT Mombasa campus deputy director Ondago, the competition was inspired by the need to instil creativity and innovation at the high school level.

“As a university, we have an innovation hub in Juja and our university website to put up their work; we hope to link up some of the winners so that they will have that perspective of being known and link them up with people willing to put incubation money into their innovations,” Ondago explained.

Mombasa launches the Covid-19 student competition.



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