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Ministry Of Education Pursuing examination officials who exposed KCSE Agriculture Paper 1 Leakage to candidates

Education CS Prof. George Magoha has reassured parents and guardians that the government has put in place measures to ensure a smooth journey of all Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) candidates to their counties of residence, including those entering, leaving, or passing through the zoned areas.

Speaking during a press conference at Kenya High school Wednesday the CS noted that the 2020 KCSE examination has improved excellently well in all counties.

He stated that the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has presented all examination papers to all centers notwithstanding the heavy rains hitting some parts of the country leading to a smooth exercise.

“As we head towards the tail-end of the KCSE examinations, I wish to implore on all officials working under the Multi-Agency Examinations Monitoring Team to not let their legs off the pedal until the exercise is fully completed by all the 752,891 registered candidates.

“This will help us maintain the integrity of the national examinations, as we have done over the last five years. As I informed the country two weeks ago, we have been battling with a few cases of early exposure of some papers during this examination.” Said the CS

Magoha said that the last week, 11 examination officials including supervisors, invigilators, and centre managers were arrested over attempts to leak some of the KCSE examination papers.


KCSE Examination Cheating

”Although we have been decisive and ruthless in our pursuit of the masterminds of this unethical practice, we regrettably note that some of them are determined to go to any lengths in a bid to expose the contents of the examination papers once they are released in the morning to schools after 6 am.

“This morning, for example, we are pursuing examination officials who exposed the contents of Agriculture Paper 1 to some candidates. Firm action will be taken against the perpetrators. ” Said the CS.

The Cabinet Secretary noted that despite attempts by some to access the examinations, the credibility of the examinations has not been interfered with. He added that the exposed questions were never accessed by KCSE candidates.

“We warn anyone who intends to compromise the integrity of the examinations that tough action will be meted out to them.” Warned the CS. He assured Kenyans that all the remaining test materials will remain safely kept to guarantee the sanctity of the continuing examinations.





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