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Ministry Of Education Guidelines On The Preparations For Re-opening Of Schools

In preparation for re-opening, the following should be carried out:

Create the capacity of school staff, students/pupils, Boards of Management (BOM) and parents in managing COVID 19.

Ensure sufficient clean running water and sanitation establishments in the schools and obtain water tanks where necessary.

Develop the strategies on hygiene and measures of social distance before school re-opening.

Stock up the school with crucial supplies such as disinfectants, face masks, liquid soaps, non-touch thermometers, and first aid kits.

Collaborate with the school sponsors to guarantee the upkeep of psychosocial and religious services.

Outline an emergency health centre that is less than ten Kilometres from the school and liaise with the County Government to be assigned some health staff in school for regular assessment and sensitization.

Conduct risk assessment for relevant focusing on water, space, sanitation, transport, provision of meals of learners through the risk assessment matrix, issued by the Ministry of Education and generate mitigation measures. 

Ensure guidelines for issuance of letter of compliance to the schools is observed.

Keep in touch with parents, learners and teachers on: Health and safety regulations

Re-opening of schools based on the academic calendar released by the ministry of education.

Compose COVID19 response committee for the institution to organize response techniques comprising of 5 members, one learner, teachers, non-teaching staff, and one BOM member.

Make sure there is a designated room within the learning institution for sickbay usage or temporary isolation in situation presumed cases arise in the institution.

Ensure rules and regulations of institutions are revised and daily routine to be responsive to the upheavals caused by COVID 19.

Maintain positive demeanour on governments efforts to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

Maintain updated biodata of all learners and contact numbers and home addresses of the parents /guardians/caregivers for ease of management of emergencies.

Ensure that all pupils and students including those with disabilities are appropriately educated on COVID 19 applicable measures via sign-language interpretation, easy captioning etc.

Refurbish, modify, or install as necessary the,l disability, age and gender-appropriate hygiene facilities such as toilets, washrooms and bathrooms to reduce congestion.

Foster learner’s movement policies such as assigning entrances and exits for several learners’ cohorts, partitioned common spaces and foot markings to direct foot traffic-flows.

Clean and disinfect institutions facilities, such as washrooms using clean water and disinfectants and oftentimes touched surfaces.

Ensure adequate security and safety measures, including the provision of a fence /barrier and guards to restrict entry to and exit from the institutional premise.

Prohibit entrance of visitors into the premise and abolish institution events like motivation events until further notice.

Adjust and revise the institution allocations of money and resources to reflect the existing priorities dealing with the effect of COVID 19 such as enhanced hygiene management.

The institution should Identify teachers, learners and no teaching staff with pre-existing health conditions and confirm proper health attention.

Weekly progress report on the status of institution health and safety that might compromise curriculum implementation will be submitted to the Sub-County Director- Education.

 Regularly, simply and accurately give learners and staff any important information to ensure that they get informed on important developments.

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