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Learners Found Accountable Of School Fires To Be Arrested And Charged. Education Ministry Warns.

Efforts continue being drafted to ensure that the widespread school fires are tamed from sensitization of students and teachers following the long 9 months Covid-19 break to punishing the learners who will be held accountable for the fires that have left schools counting losses.

Despite the efforts raised, the fires continued taking the order of the day with parents bearing the brunt of the school fires by paying for the losses cost.

To reduce the pressure and restore sanity in schools the minister of education has come up with the most powerful measure that is likely to affect the learners good of conduct record following a database that will be put in place to track down the culprits.

“Any child who is over eight years according to birth certificates is liable to criminal prosecution, so let us deter these children, let us not keep hearing or there was a fire at nine o’clock. Said Education CS Magoha.

“We shall treat you as a criminal and we shall take you through the procedure a criminal is undertaken, by putting you in the cell, taking you to court and jailing you through the courts because of your behaviour.” Said the Chief Administrative Secretary Mr Zack Kinuthia.


In his usual tour, while overseeing how the learning was progressing, education cs George magoha now says learners will be found liable of the ongoing school fires risk being prosecuted as criminals.

“And the children will not get away with it. We have already told them in public that there is going to be a database that will follow them. It’s a matter of choice, there is no need for hopelessness.” Said Magoha.

Teachers on the other end won’t be spared on the heat of being held accountable of the school fires, as the majority failed to report on the causes of the fires.

“There are now teachers who are catching children, cheeky children, dosing mattresses before they put fire by just finding out the smell. And I said if you go to check the dorms, you will find the chick children. Kwani are they more intelligent than us? They can’t be.” Posed Magoha.

Despite the harsh move from the ministry, experts under the section of education stakeholder have continued raising calls for sensitization of learners through counselling programs debating on the notion that the learners are still adjusting to a new normal after the Covid-19 break.

About 12 schools that were razed, it came out clear that students were demanding for entertainment. The stakeholders claim that the curriculum has been condensed and therefore schools should seek an alternative for that.

“what provisions were made for that kind of adjustment, how are they being cultured back into the school environment? Who is taking into account the mental state of the learners? Because you need like the first two or three weeks, it is just structures and processes.” Said one of the stakeholders.




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