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KUPPET demand Risk Allowance for handling dangerous chemicals and students. 

Speaking after the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) branch elections in Kericho County where eight new branch officials were elected, the branch’s new chairman Jonah Korir, argued that chemicals such as xylene, bromine, and calcium hypochlorite used in chemistry experiments pose a risk to the health of teachers.

“Teachers would also want to have a risk allowance like the doctors. We know two years ago they gave us a chemical known as xylene in Chemistry. They were doing it in the examination. We realized that it has had a bad effect to the students and also the teachers.


“If we sip such kind of chemicals, they destroy our internal organs. When we go to heaven I’ll need the mother of my children and all beneficiaries to be given something.” Said Korir.

He also pointed out that the case of indiscipline among students has gone overboard and teachers now require risk allowance in case of an attack.

“Discipline is a challenge, students could be waiting for us on the road. So if they wait for us and in the course of duty and take us to heaven, please let our beneficiaries be given something. That is why we need a risk allowance. And for teachers, we know its a policy issue and they have to consider it.” Said the new branch chairman Mr Korir.




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