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KNUT, KUPPET To Collect Membership Fees From 190,000 Teachers who exited unions

KNUT, KUPPET To Collect Membership Fees From 190,000 Teachers who exited unions


The newly signed 2021-2025 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) and unions will see teachers who exited KNUT and KUPPET pay agency fees to continue enjoying the perks.

More than 190,000 teachers are not members of both the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) nor KUPPET. This is the last refuge for the unions attributed to an obvious inability to obtain agency fees since June 2019.

KNUT continued squabbles with TSC led to a split of the union with officials promising to revive the submission of agency fees to fund its everyday operations.

Under the Labour Relations Act, 14 of 2007, a trade union that has signed a recognition agreement with the commission, shall get its dues deducted from the payrolls of its members who have joined voluntary, signed, and then submitted a prescribed membership from an authorized to commission to deduct union due at the source.

The commission is obliged to deduct and pay the trade union an agency fee from the salary of each unionizable team member who is not a member of the union but has profited from CBA that is negotiated and concluded between the union and TSC as per part VI of the Labour Relation Act of 14 of 2007

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KNUT’s regulations require non-members to remit 2 per cent of their basic salaries to have access to the benefits of a negotiated CBA. The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) requires a remission of 1.45 per cent from the basic salaries of non-members.

KUPPET stated that there are 3,000 non-member teaching personnel nationwide who serve as tutors in secondary schools and higher learning institutions. They are subjected to pay agency fees to the union.

A third party has a duty of stopping deductions of employees who has his/her liability to the firm. A third party does not stop a deduction as stipulated in sub-clause 12.1 above.

TSC upon obtaining authenticated instruction from teachers shall cease deduction without reference to the third party. When a stop order is not affected and the overpayment is made to the third party, the same shall be recovered from the third-party subsequence remittance and refunded to the member.


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