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KNUT, KMPDU says there is no need for school closure even as COVID-19 continues to spike

Reacting to the calls during an interview on Citizen TV on Wednesday, Honorable Wilson Sossion asked parents to remain undisturbed noting that conceding students to go back home could expose their families to risk, that is if they have been exposed to the virus.

Wilson Sossion said that parents should not be worried adding that learners who are in school must continue being in school. For the learners at home, he said the gov’t must prepare convincingly this time round to protect both learners and teachers

“Parents should not be worried. Learners who are in school cannot go home even medically it would be a mistake… If you say that students at Kolanya should go back home, you will be enhancing the spread of the disease at the community level,” he said responding to the 60 Covid-19 cases at Kolanya Boys School on Tuesday.

He further noted that the current occurrences in schools have provided key lessons that will guide the government in set measures to facilitate the full reopening of schools. “When we reopened schools and allowed only a small group of students this was for schools to test the infrastructure of COVID-19 preventive measures. These are the lessons and experiences we have to learn.” He concluded.

KMPDU Secretary-General Chibanzi Mwachonda noted that School reopening and the current situation is not unique to Kenya as it has happened in other countries. “Let the final years remain in school but they must be provided with masks and teachers must be provided with adequate PPEs. Schools must also provide transport for their children. The other learners should remain home for now.”






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