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KNUT Issues Teachers Strike Notice

The Kenya National Union of Teachers has issued a one week notice to put down their tools even after a salary increment of between 16 and 32 per cent.

While rejecting salary increment, Knut Secretary General Wilson Sossion said that teachers will down their tools terming SRC move as irregular.

The knut SG said the instructions conveyed to him by the National Executive Council should provide talks by TSC within 7 days, failure to which they will call for a nationwide strike.

He went ahead to state that he was firmly instructed that upon the next 7 days knut will be left with no other option but to organise its members for an industrial action alleging that SRC move was not done out of proper negotiations or consultations with the involved stakeholders.

He also argued that a proper job evaluation was not conducted to justify the salary raise and the SRC proposal was not backed by any data from the Central Planning and Monitoring Unit (CPMU) in the Ministry of Labour and that he also noted that Knut had on November 13, 2020, given TSC three weeks to put measures in place for a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Sossion also stated that SRC had gone mute and activated their legal department to revoke the existing Knut/TSC Recognition Agreement which in effect was like declaring that they had no intention of negotiating the next CBA with KNUT terming it an act of provocation and bad faith

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The Knut sec gen called for a proper job evaluation of classroom teachers to warrant proper compensation arguing that should the union and the SRC conclude and put pen to paper on a CBA, the ongoing budget-making process could accommodate the new salary proposals.

This prolonged supremacy battles between TSC and the union has resulted in the former to shut down 110 of their offices around the country.


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