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Kenyan students win awards in the Global Huawei ICT Competition

The Global Huawei ICT Competition regional champions have been awarded at an occasion held at the Serena Hotel. The 3 triumphant teams will represent the region at the international finals.

The leading Kenyan teams competed under the network and innovation tracks after a tense contest to represent sub-Saharan Africa on the global stage.

The Network Track teams were conferred 1st and 3rd position while team Mazingira was given 3rd place under the Innovation track, as well as their lecturers and teachers.

Apart from medals and certificates, the champs earned a variety of Huawei products and Huawei exam vouchers as rewards.

Evans Ngeny of Laikipia University, whose team was leading under the Network Track, remarked that the contest has produced great career opportunities and credited the honour to the support given by numerous teams including the Huawei fraternity, the ICT Academy and the universities.

The 2019-2020 ICT Championship collected over 6,400 student applications, out of which 100 students advanced to the national finals, then later 5 teams moved to the regional finals.

Conclusively the 3 winning teams will represent the region at the global finals. Huawei has partnered with 42 institutions of higher learning including but not limited to the Kenyatta University, University of Nairobi, Laikipia University, Catholic University, Oshwal College and Multi-Media University of Kenya to drive the digital inclusion agenda in its efforts to bridge the digital divide reaching over 5000 students and 100 lectures since 2018.

The UniTech program was launched to provide contactless online learning platforms for both students and tutors during the pandemic. The Huawei ICT Academy continues to partner with several institutions including universities and the Ministry of ICT under the Ajira Program and the Huawei Digitruck.



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