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KCSE Candidate Dies During Rehearsals

A Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) candidate from Michael Wamalwa High School in Birunda, Kitale died shortly after falling during rehearsals.

The 19-year-old fell ill on the evening of Thursday, March 24, and died while being taken to Kiminini Health Center. He had complained of being sick and was vomiting, according to his father.

The mother asked for a postmortem from a government pathologist, questioning his son’s untimely death.

“May the Almighty God remember us in this hard time,” the mother said.

She went on to say that they had put all their faith in the boy, hoping that he would turn their fortune around.

“I felt he was the right person to get us on the right track since he was disciplined, focused, and talented as well. I am lost for words, bear with me, please,” she added.

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According to her, the deceased was in good health and did not show any record of complications that would be dangerous. The tragedy comes amid other misfortunes, including the pregnancy of 12 girls from one school during the long break as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which had paralyzed learning.



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