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Kakamega school parents to raise 21.6m for rebuilding torched dormitory

Kakamega school parents to raise 21.6m for rebuilding torched dormitory

Students at Kakamega High School will pay a total of Sh21.6 million to repair the damage caused by the November 6 fire that destroyed a dormitory.

According to a letter sent to all parents on November 11, the Sh21, 611,350 figure was reached following a board meeting on November 10.

According to the school’s administration, the actual damage, as determined by the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, and Housing, is Sh12.1 million.

The management also budgeted Sh695,420 for CCTV installation in the yet-to-be-built dormitory, with the 280 double-decker beds costing Sh4.1 million, bringing the total to Sh21.6 million.

On the reporting day, each of the 2,200 students has been directed to pay ShSh9,823 to repair the dormitory. The first group of students is scheduled to return on Monday, November 15.

“The grand total of the damage is Sh21.6 million, divided by 2,200 students, will see each student pay Sh9,832,” the letter said.

In addition, parents have been directed to pay any outstanding Term Two fees.

Gerald Orina, the school’s principal, confirmed that the statement was issued following the board meeting and that the figures in the letter were correct.

The students have been recalled and will begin reporting on November 15, with the final batch reporting on November 25.

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“Learning will resume in phases, Form Four students to report on November 15, their Form One counterparts on November 21, Form Two students to report on November 23, while Form Threes on November 25,” said the letter.

The school’s administration has stated that it will donate a mattress, two blankets, and two bedsheets to students whose belongings were damaged in the fire.

On November 6, after students had left for morning preps, a dormitory at the school that housed over 500 students caught fire.

There were no casualties reported during the 6 a.m. fire, the cause of which was not immediately determined.

Orina stated that the fire was extinguished with the assistance of the Kakamega County Government’s fire department.

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Following an investigation, 16 students were arrested in connection with the fire.

Prof. George Magoha, Cabinet Secretary for Education, stated last week that parents will bear the full cost of rebuilding classrooms and dormitories that were burned down by students.

According to Magoha, the school fires, which have forced the closure of several institutions, appear to be the work of a syndicate profiting from the tragedies.

All of the burned-out dormitories must be rebuilt by the students’ parents, period.”The government will not pay anything,” Magoha stated.

Kakamega school parents to raise 21.6m for rebuilding torched dormitory

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