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Isebania, Migori, and Kisii Are The Hotspots of Exam Cheating – Education CS Magoha

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha has instructed all examination center managers to carry a thorough search on students’ masks before they enter exam rooms.

The CS says his ministry knows that students want to use masks to cheat in the forthcoming national examinations. He warned that there will be strict monitoring to prevent any planned cheating.

“In terms of cheating, we know, and I want to repeat…the headquarters of cheating (are) Isebania, Migori, and Kisii…I am telling you, you are planning to do certain things, and we’re watching you. Try and you will see,” he said.

He talked on Wednesday in Kwale County while receiving a 40-acre piece of land in Chista-Kamatsa village in Waa donated by the county government to set up a Ksh.1.2 billion blue economy center for East Africa.


“There are some people cheating the students to write everything inside the masks. I’m going to ask all center managers that all students must remove their masks before entering exam rooms. So let no student waste his/her time writing things inside the mask, they’re supposed to prevent you from the corona. If we catch you, we’re not going to be very merciful with you.”



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