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How Principal Prevent Student Unrest By Wearing School Uniform

How Principal Prevent Student Unrest By Wearing School Uniform

As a wave of unrest sweeps the country, administrators try to find solutions to avert the crisis, but many have failed to unlock the code and bring the situation under control.

Wilson Achoko, the principal of Barwesa Secondary School in Baringo County, wore the school uniform in an attempt to control pupils’ disruptive behaviour, which he claims worked.

When his students burned down the school in 2020, Achoko told the press on Tuesday, November 16, that he was desperate to keep the students in school and make himself approachable.

He now claims that he does not regret wearing the school uniform because it has helped to reduce stress and indiscipline in the classroom, as well as enhanced student-teacher engagement.

“I decided to wear a school uniform because it makes the students much closer to me. Initially, students never came to the office. But when I started putting on the uniform, they became very close to me. 

On Tuesday, November 16, 2021, a snapshot shows Wilson Achoko, the Principal of Barwessa Secondary School, and other pupils at the assembly grounds. Photo By TV47

“When students see you come down to their level, they feel very happy and at peace,” Achoko remarked. 

The principal went on to claim that the burning of a girl’s dorm in 2020 served as a wake-up call for him, as some students were aware of it but never attempted to contact the teachers.

“Burning down of the school in 2020 was a wake-up call to me because I later learned that there were students who were aware that the incident was being planned, but they never reached out to us”

That was the point he realized there was a need to bridge the gap between the administration and the students.

“I also decided to maintain an open-door policy which makes them very free. They tell me all the issues they have and it becomes very easy to solve them.” He says.

Apart from wearing uniforms and having an open-door policy, Achoka claims that they have created suggestion boxes where students can anonymously send messages to the administration on any topic.

As a result, the principal stated, they have been able to achieve improved outcomes, with the school’s mean score increasing.

Achoko also recommended other school administrators to bridge the gap between students and administration, claiming that this is one approach to reduce school unrest.

How Principal Prevent Student Unrest By Wearing School Uniform

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