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Grief as parents mourns and protest the death of two learners. Schools Blamed

Two students died on under unclear episodes, with families blaming their schools.

The first occurrence was recorded at the City Mission Secondary School in Nakuru East, where Abdullahi Mohamed Sahal, a form one boy aged 17-year-old lost died on Thursday morning while undergoing treatment at a Nakuru hospital.


The student is reported to have been admitted at the facility on Tuesday morning, just minutes after enrolling at the school.

“He has been asking me to enrol him in a boarding school. He was taken to the school for admission by my eldest daughter on Monday evening. He was jovial but hours later he fell ill,” said Rukia Mohamed, the mother.

Hours in unconsciousness

The school management contacted her on Tuesday morning, requesting her to pick her boy for medical facility centre. “Instead of the school rushing him to the hospital they called me. He had been in a coma,” said Mohammed.

Attempts by medics to save his life failed even after he was placed on life support machine according to the family spokesman Dr Abdi Osman

“He never recovered from the coma. It is unfortunate that we may never know the truth on what transpired in the school. We suspect he was bullied,” he said.

The postmortem report conducted on Sahal’s body indicates an assault with a blunt object on the left part of his head, causing a 12-centimetre crack which led to internal bleeding.

John Abungu, the school director, however, denied claims of dirty play. “We disown any claims that the boy was in any way mishandled by anyone at the school. We informed the parents and organised for him to be taken to hospital. It is unfortunate he didn’t make it,” said Abungu.

Nakuru East Sub County Criminal Investigations Officer Benson Mutie launched probes into the matter even as Sahal was on Friday 15th laid to rest at the Nakuru Muslims cemetery.

Another case occurred in Bahati area, wher residents have been engaging the police in running battles as they protested the death of Duncan Mbugua, who was purportedly assaulted at the Kiamaina Primary School in November 2020.

The parents stormed the school, crying for the blood of the involved teacher after statements that Mbugua had died due to injuries at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital where he had been nursing.

John Waithaka, a family member, alleged that the teacher assaulted Mbugua a few days before they closed for the December holiday.

“He came home complaining of a severe headache. He explained that a teacher had hit him in the head for reporting to school with unkempt hair. Since then he has been having persistent headaches,” said the brother.

The parents destroyed a section of the school’s perimeter wall after they were refused entry. The accused teacher is currently under investigation by the police.

“The family only reported the case when the boy died. We are waiting for postmortem to be conducted to pave way for our investigations,” said Bahati North Sub County Police Commander Bernard Wamugunda.



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