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Form 3 student Attacks three teachers at Rwambiti School after smoking bhang

An 18-year-old student reportedly declined to be searched, leading to a fight with the teacher on duty.

Police in Kirinyaga County have arrested a Form 3 student who beat 3 teachers at Rwambiti Secondary school on Tuesday.

While confirming the incident, Gichugu Sub-county Police commander Anthony Mbogo said that the student had refused to be frisked before he began hitting up the teachers.

Further reports state that the student had also attempted to cause a riot in the school.

The student was caught with a phone by the teacher on duty, but he hurriedly hid it and declined to be frisked.

When the teacher tried to search him, the student started throwing blows on him, making other teachers come to the rescue.

The 3 teachers had a difficult time controlling the student who had at the time broken a window in the classroom.

Finally, he was subdued and taken to the deputy principal’s office where police officers were hailed.

Upon questioning, the student admitted that he was under the influence of bhang.

David Munga, the school deputy principal said the 18-year-old student was retaking the Form Three year after failing in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (KCSE)

“The Deputy principal talked with the parents who are civil servants, but they said they want the boy jailed because he is indisciplined,” Mbogo said

The student will be charged with assaulting teachers, creating a riot in the school and damaging school property worth Ksh 3000.




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