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Family In Dilemma Over Teacher Disappearance In Nakuru County. Brother Also Missing.

A family is craving for answers over two brothers disappearance on the night of 21st, September2020. 

Thirty-nine years old Joseph Ngugi Macharia, currently a teacher at Kijabe Girls High School and his younger brother Moses Kamau, aged 37  went missing in Nakuru town.

The family has unsuccessfully been looking for the two, spending sleepless nights from Monday 21st. According to their aunt Grace Njoki, their mobile phones have since been switched off.

Mr Macharia resided with his household at Salgaa trading centre on the Nakuru-Eldoret highway, while Kamau lived at Kwa Amos in Bahati sub-County. Their habitual ancestral home is Engashura area in Bahati Sub-County.

“It is worrying that we are not getting any clue on where the two are. We have contacted their friends but none seems to know their whereabouts,” Njoki said.

On the fortnight day of the disappearance, Macharia was heading to Salgaa from his home. He left to attend a wedding council meeting at Engashura at around 10 am on that Monday.

The teacher later arrived in Nakuru town at 11 am and chose to meet his brother Kamau, who operates an electronics appliance shop at Pinkham Building in town and proceed for a meal in a hotel in Nakuru.

“My nephew called the committee chairman and informed him to proceed with the meeting, saying he would join later. He insisted that he wanted to meet his younger brother, whom he had not seen for many days,” Njoki revealed.

At 1 pm, Mr Kamau's wife Mary Mweru called him on phone but the phone was not answered. She ranged again at around 2 pm but still, there was no response. At exactly 2.30 pm, Kamau’s mobile phone was switched off.

According to Kamau's wife, her husband had notified her that he was meeting his brother but did not inform her of the hotel where they were to have lunch.  The wedding committee members were also worried when Macharia failed to show up.

Their whereabouts
The family and the committee members tried to reach out to the two, contacted their friends, but their whereabouts could still not be revealed.

The family then reported a missing case of the two brothers On 25th of September 25, at Nakuru Central 
and Kiugoine police stations.  “We are now confused. We spend sleepless nights praying for their safety,” Njoki Mweru said.

Njoki explained that the family has tried to reach many friends and relatives but none of them has any information about the missing brothers.

The family has also searched in different hospitals in Nakuru County, to no avail.

“We do not know if the two are alive. We are urging anybody who may have seen them share the information with the family. I do not want to imagine they were kidnapped or harmed.” Njeri said, sobbing.

Macharia has 2 wives and is a father of 4, while Kamau has 7 children and 2 wives. The family urged the police to hasten the investigations. 

Bahati sub-County Police Commander Jacinta Wangechi revealed that she was informed of the case



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