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Fake Examination Papers Are Being Distributed. CS Magoha Says As He Warns Parents And Exam Peddlers

Education CS Magoha has expressed his knowledge that some people from refugee camps were attempting to sit for examinations on behalf of their children warning that they will be dealt with accordingly.

“We are also aware that there are attempts still to get people to come to sit for examinations. The integrity of the second paper is going to be our focus,” he noted.

“Let me warn those who want to destroy our children especially in the refugee camps where they think that they have an access to do whatever they want.

“We shall tame them and in the event that you have succeeded in doing something that is not reasonable our gallant teachers who are marking these exams will find out.”

He warned parents to desist from tampering with examinations arguing by so doing they will be condemning their children without a good reason.

The CS also revealed that fake examination papers were being distributed in the country.

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“We are also aware that people are also trying to peddle fake papers and the gullible center managers are engaging them.

“Stop spending such much energy in trying to destroy the integrity of these examinations as well as a small group of those children.” He said.

Magoha was speaking in Machakos where he commended the County for having improved in terms of guarding and ensuring the safety of the examinations.

He however said a lot more was needed to be done.

“We have found reasonable improvement but we must still reemphasize the issue of security on integrity on our examinations which are no longer negotiable. We are firmly in control and we must be extra vigilant.” Magoha said.


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