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Education CS Magoha Warns Administrators Against Misusing School Funds. Says No Child Should Be Sent Home Because Of  Development Money

Education Cabinet Secretary Profesor George Magoha has said he is impressed with the learners’ turn-up in schools being day 2 of reopening of all schools countrywide.

The CS spoke while inspecting reassumption of learning at Kianjau Primary School in Kiandutu Slum, Thika, Kiambu County where he confirmed that both primary schools and secondary schools have already been sent money depending on which bank they use.

“We are going to the unknown but I think we are positive. I want to say that even though I had said earlier that it’s only the primary school Ksh4 billion that would be released by yesterday, because of his Excellency intervention even the secondary school Ksh14.6 billion were also released yesterday.

Magoha said the money will reflect today on those who use Kenya Comercial Bank (KCB) as the rest will have to wait until tomorrow or on Thursday this week.

He gave a strict warning to all school administrators to use the money for the purpose it is meant for.

“This time we want to thank God that we are alive…Nobody should have plans for doing so (Misusing money). This money belongs to children and God will punish you severely if you even smell the smell of the money.

He dismissed the narrative that about 50 per cent of learners are not reporting to school adding that over 90 per cent of learners are already in school.

He promised to mask all the children in the slums in all his tours even as he warned against sending children home for development money.

“I have been told that children are being sent away because of development money. Please if you have any detail of any teacher ho is bold enough to return our children give us that information and we shall act swiftly.



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