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Drama as a BOM teacher is arrested naked with a form 4 female student.

BOM teacher at Kyase Girls High School in Makueni was arrested on Monday after being busted with a form 4 female student at his house at Kyase market in Kathwonzeni, Makueni County.

The Yinthungu Sub Location Assistant Chief Christopher Nthiwa was informed by residents that the teacher had locked himself inside his house with the female student.

The local administrator notified the police who promptly rushed to the house to arrest the suspect.

“Immediately, officers raced to the scene and found one Kevin Otieno Okumu a BOM [Board of Management] teacher at Kyase locked himself in a house where [he] resides,” said the police on their report.

After the police managed to enter his house they found both the Form Four student and the teacher naked. The student tried to hide under the bed but the police found her.

Police alleged that the teacher had a condom on and two other unused ones placed on his bed. Two pairs of school uniform, a Colgate, two toothbrushes, and two books that are alleged to belong to the 22-year-old KCSE candidate were also recovered under the bed.

“The two have been arrested and taken for medical examination at Kithuki Health Center,” police said.

However, the Teachers Service Commission’s Regulatory Circular No.3 of 2010 – Protection of Pupils/Students from the Abuse, and the Teachers Code of Conduct and Ethics (the Code), especially regulations 66(2) bars teachers from such actions.

Makueni County Commissioner Mohammed Maalim asked schools to fully vet teachers hired by Boards of Management to guarantee that they uphold the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

“There are a plethora of women out there who are looking for marriage partners. Teachers must cease targeting students,” said Maalim.

In Kenya, the legal age of consent to sexual intercourse is 18 years. The girl is 22.



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