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A Form 3 student was killed in the latest Baringo bandit attack.

A Form 3 student was killed in the latest Baringo bandit attack.

Tensions in the Kerio Valley region have risen after a secondary school student was killed by bandits. It was a dawn attack as he was heading to school in Baringo County.

He was on his way to a nearby school where his family was taking refuge when he was shot by armed bandits in the Sinoni area.

This is the second attack on students. Among the most recent killing of two primary school students who were out herding cattle.

Families in the area are now terrified of their children, some of whom are about to take their final exams.

Residents have sought refuge in schools following a series of criminal attacks. They are now concerned that they will be forced to leave for national examination candidates to write their exams.

Locals claim that the bandits are targeting the vulnerable in the area to destabilize the peace and wreak even more havoc.

A government-sanctioned operation in the volatile area appears to be futile, with regional leaders calling for increased security.

A Form 3 student was killed in the latest Baringo bandit attack.
Uasin Gishu Deputy Governor, Daniel Chemno

Uasin Gishu DG Daniel Chemno stated that the government should deploy the Kenya Defence Forces to the region because the police appear to be overwhelmed by the situation.

“It is now time for the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) to intervene and restore calm in Kerio Valley. For the recent attacks that have proved inabillity of the police to do quell the vice.” Mr Chemno said.


Keiyo South Member of Parliament (MP) Daniel Rono, on the other hand, urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to include security restoration in the region as part of his legacy, claiming that the government did a lot of talking but little doing.

“We’re no longer talking about cattle rustling; we’re talking about organized crime. The government should avoid the culture of lip service and instead be seen to act to stop the bloodshed that is claiming lives at an alarming rate. President Uhuru Kenyatta should make restoring security in Kerio Valley part of his legacy,” Mr Rono suggested.



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