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71 Tablets Stolen from a School in Kenya seized in Uganda

71 primary school tablets stolen in Teso, Busia County, have been recovered in Uganda. The tablets were seized last Thursday on a motorbike as they were being transported to Uganda via an unofficial border.

A Ugandan nationality whom the police identified as Evans Wanda aged 24, is said to be the main suspect. The devices assigned for the Digital Literacy Programme were stolen from Moding Primary School last week on March 31.

A security guard at the institution reported the incident to local authorities who launched investigations into the matter. The thieves broke into the head teacher’s office, deputy headteacher’s office, and the staffroom before fleeing away with the 71 tablets.

The suspect informed the police that he purchased the laptops from a contact in Bungoma. The tablets were returned to Kenya on Saturday and the case was handed over to Teso police.

The police said they are hopeful of making more arrests before Tuesday. The officers are examining how the tablets were stolen from the school in a bid to build a water-tight case on the perpetrators.

The Digital Literacy Programme (DLP) is a program borne out of the Government of Kenya’s vision to ensure each pupil is prepared for today’s digital world and to transform learning in Kenya into a 21st-century education system.

President Kenyatta’s government had promised to provide each class one pupil a laptop following the 2013 election win. Due to others cost challenges, the government resorted to giving out tablets.



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