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1000 Kenyan Schools to be Connected to the Internet

Kenyan government through ICT Cabinet Secretary Dr Joe Mucheru is scheming to spend Sh15 billion to enable learning institutions to teach at least 4 subjects online. 

The CS revealed plans to steer a programme that would boost digital learning. Mr Mucheru who appeared before the Senate ICT Committee to reply to questions on the digital literacy programme and broadband to the learning institution project. He explained that the government aims at empowering learners with customised gadgets to support digital learning.

He noted that The tools will be developed in association with local universities where funds from the government's partnership with Unicef would be used to put infrastructure such as the construction of ICT labs, fibre optic cables, training learners, electricity connection, purchasing tablets as well as training teachers.

The Digital Learning Project is said to be a component of the government's plan to enable learners from poor background families in public schools to get computer knowledge and skills from a young age.

But the state named the inaccessibility of electricity as one of the major problems they were facing in implementing the project. Dilapidated classes, we're also mentioned as a challenge together with the limited computer skills by teachers.

According to Gadgets Africa, the delay of implementation of this detail opposition from the stakeholders who insist that the government should construct computer laboratories instead of issuing each learner with one tablet. This comes at a period when schools are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  



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