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NEMIS Re-engineered To Curb Cartels

NEMIS Re-engineered To Curb Cartels

Prof. George Magoha, Education Cabinet Secretary (CS), has launched the re-engineered National Education Management Information System (NEMIS).

The new system launched at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) will provide accurate data and become more responsive to the needs of its users.

As Magoha stated during the launch, the system will provide users with more direct access to data by implementing a decentralized approach to data accessibility.

The redesigned NEMIS system will facilitate data retrieval for timely decision-making as well as data reliability for all stakeholders.

According to Magoha, the system provides numerous benefits to its users, including the onboarding of new and improved processes from various directorates.

The system also seeks to refine existing system processes, such as capitation management processes.

The system serves to strengthen our users’ user experience with its upgraded server infrastructure and improved system architecture.

He explained that the system will then be rolled out for a pilot phase, running concurrently with the current NEMIS system, to effectively monitor user introduction and adaptation to the new system.

“The eventual roll out and switch over to the re-engineered system will then follow, which will be communicated to all involved stakeholders,” CS said.

Magoha stated that his Ministry is now looking to incorporate more processes from other directorates and departments within the Ministry.

Through these processes, the Ministry and its stakeholders will be able to effectively access and monitor indicators to aid in their mandate and decision-making processes.

The CS was flanked by the Principal Secretary (PS), Basic Education, Dr. Julius Jwan, and the PS Curriculum Implementation, Prof. Fatuma Chege.

He stated that with the re-engineering of the NEMIS system, the Ministry of Education looks to be the one central source of truth when it comes to education data.

He expressed hopes that the system will go a long way in helping its users achieve their day-to-day mandate.

NEMIS is a strategic system for capturing, storing and retrieving information about learners, educational institutions, and other aspects of education on which policymakers rely to make decisions in the Education Sector.

The re-engineered system has consolidated and enhanced the capabilities of the system that the Ministry has used to make strategic and operational decisions over the years.

The Nemis system’s school and student data will no longer be edited.

This follows a move by the government to close loopholes frequently exploited for monetary gain by rogue officials.


Audit reports have previously identified system flaws exploited by corrupt officials to exploit the government capitation process.

The new system, which will be tested in primary and secondary schools beginning August 29, will make data available to directors of education at the county, sub-county, and regional levels.

It is accessible to even ministry officials, making editing difficult.

Processes relating to the learner are captured on the system from their enrolment to their graduation.

NEMIS Re-engineered To Curb Cartels


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