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National Parents Association Opposes Principals’ Plan To Hike Fees.

National Parents Association Opposes Principals’ Plan To Hike Fees.

Principals’ plan to raise fees has been met with swift opposition by National Parents Association chair Nicholas Maiyo, who says that parents are already financially pressured.

He did, however, endorse the need to enhance capitation.

“We oppose any proposal to increase school fees. Principals should use the funds they receive first and account for it,” Mr Maiyo said. 

According to the Ministry of Education’s fee recommendations, pupils in national and extra-county schools in chosen municipalities should be charged Sh45,000 this year, while those in extra-county institutions should be charged Sh35,000.

Magoha says Sh20 billion has been provided to schools ahead of the new school year.

Last year, the costs were decreased as part of the initiatives to protect parents from the impacts of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Students in national schools paid Sh53,554 per year, students in extra-county schools paid Sh40,535 and students in special needs secondary schools paid Sh12,790.

Mr Indimuli stated that the current funding scheme, in which money is distributed to schools in four tranches following the reorganized school year, has hampered school management.

Mr Indimuli also requested that the Ministry of Education establish a separate fund to support infrastructure improvements.

“Schools are unable to pay suppliers, non-teaching staff and even buy foodstuff to maintain the students. If we get this additional funding, principals will be able to run schools more efficiently,” said the Kessha chair Kahi Indimuli.

The government retains a significant portion of the Sh22,244 per student to acquire textbooks and [pay for] the students’ medical coverage.

“Some Sh5,000 is allocated for infrastructure development and the heads end up receiving very little money to run schools,” he explained.

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha urged principals last week to demand the things from parents.

“Let us not rush to ask parents not to bring these items,” he said. Addressing the principals, Basic Education Principal Secretary Julius Jwan ruled out the possibility of fees and capitation increment unless it is subjected to public participation.


The PS requested that principals use the available resources and account for capitation money and student fees.

“As you complain for more money, please make sure, you are able to account for all the money in a schools,” he said.

National Parents Association Opposes Principals’ Plan To Hike Fees.


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