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NACADA Urge Schools, Parents To Help Fight Drug Abuse Among Students

NACADA Urge Schools, Parents To Help Fight Drug Abuse Among Students.

The National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) has urged parents, schools, and other stakeholders involved in educational institution management to work together to combat alcohol and drug abuse in schools.

“Board Management in schools, parents and teachers must work together with the support of all stakeholders in the education sector to ensure that our institutions of learning are free from this menace.”

The authority stated in a statement that poor parenting is one of the causes of drug and substance abuse in schools.

This is based on surveys conducted in secondary schools in 2016 and primary schools in 2019.

“This prompted the Authority to initiate a Positive Parenting Programme through the mainstream and digital media to equip parents with necessary knowledge and skills to detect and take action on drug related incidences at home,” the statement read.

In addition, the authority devised a program to test Life Skills Lessons in Primary Schools.

The program provides students with adequate and appropriate information on alcohol and drug abuse, as well as information on how to avoid drugs.

“NACADA has been training selected teachers to further strengthen prevention and management interventions in schools,” the Authority added.

Another guideline developed for the drug war is the National Guidelines for Alcohol and Drug Use Prevention and Management in Basic Learning Institutions.

It was created by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with NACADA to provide a framework for responding to the drug problem in schools.

The program debunks common myths and misinformation about alcohol and drug abuse.

According to NACADA, the guidelines are expected to create a large number of staff and anti-drug abuse ambassadors with basic skills to detect and address drug use in schools.


The authority has praised schools for the work they have done over the years to combat alcohol and substance abuse.

In the 2016 survey, 16.9 percent of students were abusing at least one drug (tobacco, cocaine, heroine, sativa) or alcohol, while 14.4 percent of students were abusing drugs and alcohol in the 2019 survey.

NACADA Urge Schools, Parents To Help Fight Drug Abuse Among Students


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