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Murang’a Students Enrolling in Universities to Receive Sh10,000 Each

Murang’a Students Enrolling in Universities to Receive Sh10,000 Each

About 1,013 Murang’a KCSE candidates who received university enrolment points in last year’s exam will receive Sh10,000 to help them enroll in degree courses.

The county government of Murang’a has expanded the scholarship program to include the candidates in order to encourage them to further their education.

The ‘Nyota Zetu’ program will include day school students and will motivate both teachers and students to perform better.

Former Governor Mwangi wa Iria launched the program in 2019.

Its goal was to assist 1,000 Form 1 students enrolled in boarding secondary schools.

It now has over 4,500 students, with the first batch in Form 4.

It would also ensure that bright but financially disadvantaged students did not miss out on opportunities to attend their preferred schools.

According to the former governor, such students are being forced to attend local day schools despite their good grades because their opportunities to attend boarding schools are being taken by students with wealthy guardians.

Governor Irungu Kang’ata, on the other hand, has stated that expanding the program to include KCSE candidates enrolling in universities and day school students will ensure that it reaches more learners.

He stated that Sh10 million will be spent to ensure that students enroll in universities this year.

The governor awarded teachers who performed best in KCSE and the school for being the most improved at Ithanga Secondary School in Gatanga.

Kang’ata also paid a visit to Gatanga’s Ndaka-ini Secondary School.

He claims that some students become demotivated when they enroll in day schools and doubt their ability to succeed.

“They can also perform well and join universities. Learners need to know efforts do matter. Even those who fail to join boarding schools over financial constraints can still excel,” the governor said.

He stated that the scholarship program is only meant to supplement NG-CDF bursaries because secondary education is not a function of county governments.

The county also intends to launch a feeding program in Early Childhood Development Centers that will provide porridge to students.

The governor stated that the plan will be tested in about two weeks.

Gatanga MP Edward Muriu praised the governor for his support of day schools and KCSE students.

“We want more professionals from the county. This is a good step and will motivate learners to perform better,” Muriu said.

Murang’a Students Enrolling in Universities to Receive Sh10,000 Each


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