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MPs Join Unions Call For TSC to stop Teachers’ Delocalization

MPs Join Unions Call For TSC to stop Teachers’ Delocalization.

Members of Parliament have asked the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to stop moving teachers and look for a fair policy.

Just like the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) and the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) say, delocalization has caused untold suffering to teachers and must end.

The Teachers’ unions say that the TSC policy has made it hard for many tutors to do their jobs.

Ezekiel Machogu, the Education CS nominee, promised to remove the policy and replace it with a new plan, “Nationalization,” which encourages teachers to work hard-to-reach places on their own initiative.

According to a motion submitted by Lurambi MP Titus Khamala, MPs want TSC to immediately suspend the ongoing delocalization of teachers and launch a full assessment of the program.

According to Khamala, a new teacher deployment policy must be designed with teacher input to ensure compliance with International Labour Organization and Unesco regulations and best practices on teacher management.

The MP says the exercise has decreased teacher morale and caused immense misery.

“The exercise was not supported with a clear policy framework and was initiated without the participation of teachers or their unions, contrary to Articles 118 and 132 of the Constitution on public participation and involvement of the people in the process of policymaking,” he said.

Teachers’ delocalization began in 2018.

The poicy, according to TSC, was intended to give teachers a new working environment and alleviate teacher shortages in specific regions.

Thousands of long-serving principals and school heads have been transferred as part of the exercise.

Stakeholders have been divided on the issue, some supporting the exercise and others opposing it.

Some of the school administrators that relocated were individuals who served in their home counties.

According to Khamala, teacher delocalization is incompatible with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s teacher deployment approach, which regards education as a cultural activity undertaken at the local level within a people’s cultural context.

 Funyula MP Wilberforce Oundo, said teachers provide labor services and hence their deployment should be guided by ILO laws.

“Teachers should be consulted when making any decisions affecting their welfare,” he said.

“Many teachers have complained to me that they have families but they have been transferred to far-flung areas. This has been very bad for them.”

Oundo, on the other hand, stated that MPs are not opposed to the proposal in its totality.

“We are simply asking TSC and the Ministry of Education to come up with a fair policy,” he said.

TSC transferring a 55-year-old teacher to a far-flung place after years of working in his native county, according to Oundo, is ludicrous.

He questioned why a teacher who is ready to retire and can’t learn new tricks is transferred to an area where he has no friends?” “At that age, he,” he explained.

Oundo said there should be no unpleasant transfers after a certain age. New grads are those who can be sent wherever in the country.”

Manyatta MP John Mwaniki stated that he had received calls from teachers requesting his assistance in returning to their home counties.

MPs Join Unions Call For TSC to stop Teachers’ Delocalization.


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