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MPs From Marginalized Regions Defend TSC Delocalization Policy

MPs From Marginalized Regions Defend TSC Delocalization Policy

Delocalization of teachers has become a controversial topic.

Article 237 of the Constitution provides the TSC the primary responsibility of hiring and deploying teachers in any public school in any area of the country.

The teacher’s employer is under criticism for allegedly implementing the transfer of teachers without the participation of key stakeholders in the sector. 

This week, the debate in Parliament led by Lurambi Member of Parliament Titus Khamala, resulted in parliamentarians requesting the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) cease its delocalization scheme.

The majority of MPs across the political divide supported the motion, which asked that teachers work in their respective communities.

The legislators argue that the delocalization initiative was not supported by a clear policy framework, which necessitates public engagement in the assignment of instructors.

The lawmakers want TSC to get rid of the program that started in 2018 and sends teachers back to their home counties instead.

MPs say that the delocalization scheme disrupted the lives of teachers, reduced teacher morale, and inflicted unimaginable anguish on teachers across the country.

A significant number of teachers who were delocalized in 2018 are now seeking to be transferred back to their home districts after completing three years in their current positions.

MPs from underserved areas rejected the measure, insisting that teachers be sent to places with fewer or no teachers.

Schools in some parts of Kenya such as the North Eastern rely significantly on teachers from other regions of the country due to a severe lack of so-called local teachers.

A few lawmakers however discussed the benefits of delocalization.

They argued that beyond chalk and slate, delocalized teachers offer the world and fresh viewpoints to our rural communities and young students.

They expose kids to a world beyond their local communities and introduce them to the vastness of our wide territory.

In their opinion, young minds are liberated by delocalized teachers, who also introduce villagers to the nation. It is that enormous.

A school in Kiambu County recently received the national trophy at the National Music Festival for its outstanding performance of a Maasai song. Only delocalized minds are capable of delivering this event.

The said teachers should continue to serve as the national resource shaping the national identity across generations.

MPs From Marginalized Regions Defend TSC Delocalization Policy


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