Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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MP urges Magoha to convene a meeting of stakeholders to discuss school fires

MP urges Magoha to convene a meeting of stakeholders to discuss school fires.

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha should convene a stakeholders meeting to discuss the school crisis, according to Likuyani MP Enoch Kibunguchy.

Kibunguchy stated that the problem of school fires does not necessitate knee-jack reactions, but rather a serious discussion involving all stakeholders in the sector to determine the root cause of the arson cases.

Returning the cane, according to Kibunguchy, will not put an end to school indiscipline.

“It doesn’t matter how much caning takes place in schools, we shall continue having this problem unless the root cause of the arson cases is established,” the legislator said during the commissioning of a new laboratory on Saturday.

He said there must be a reason for a student to pick a matchbox and set the school on fire, and this is what stakeholders must work together to establish.

Kibunguchy stated that in order for the cane to be reintroduced in schools, the law must be amended because corporal punishment is prohibited by the Constitution.

He stated that the process would include a referendum because it touches on one of the protected clauses in the Bill of Rights.

A number of schools have been destroyed by fires that were allegedly started by students. Parents have been fined to cover the costs of repairs. In addition, a number of suspected students have been charged in court.

The government has urged parents to take charge of their children’s discipline rather than leaving it to teachers.

Despite a pledge that parents would cover the cost of repairing burned-out schools, schools have continued to burn.

According to Rift Valley Regional Director of Education Jared Obiero, the current wave of school unrest has resulted in significant property destruction.

This behaviour, he believes, could be reduced by teaching students that schools are the foundation for their future.

He claimed that parents’ attitudes toward unrest were a major factor in determining whether the disruptions would worsen or subside.

Obiero stated that only a small percentage of students are poor, noting that a larger percentage is excellent and eager to learn.

Students have gone on a rampage in public schools across the country, destroying dormitories, classrooms, laboratories, and other structures. Even though they are a minority, the damage they cause is enormous.

MP urges Magoha to convene a meeting of stakeholders to discuss school fires.


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