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MP Melly Calls KNEC to Adress Examiners’ Concerns

MP Melly Calls KNEC to Adress Examiners’ Concerns

The chairman of the education committee of the National Assembly, Julius Melly, has requested that the exams council examine teacher concerns.

Melly stated during the publication of the KCSE exams that the concerns raised by teachers marking CRE paper 1 must be explored.

“We need to look at their welfare so that they can feel part and parcel of this country,” Melly said. 

As a result of the teachers’ strike, the marking of the exams was delayed.

The marking of KCSE examinations at St. Francis Girls High School, Mang’u, was disrupted by teacher protests about late pay and bad working conditions.

Teachers were marking CRE exam papers when the situation deteriorated.

CS Education Ezekiel Machogo and PS Belio Kipsang arrived at the school to restore order, and the marking situation resumed.

The TSC’s chief executive officer, Nancy Macharia, had also come to the marking center, but she was dragged out of the school by irate teachers.

They had previously requested that the current Chief Examiner be replaced, and Macharia complied by appointing an interim replacement while negotiations continued.

In 2012, 884,263 candidates took the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exam.

Male candidates numbered 405,962 and female candidates 420,845.

MP Melly Calls KNEC to Adress Examiners’ Concerns


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