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Moi University, EACC Partners to Curb Corruption and Fake Degrees

Moi University, EACC Partners to Curb Corruption and Fake Degrees

Moi University has joined forces with the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to combat corruption, including manufacturing forged academic papers.

The EACC will examine the university’s financial management systems, rules, and operating processes, assisting it with closing gaps that allow for illicit acts.

“We want to establish strategies that will empower the university to prevent corruption and tackle the threat of fake degrees that has bedeviled higher education in this country,” said Japheth Baithalu, the head of the EACC North Rift regional office.

The EACC wrote to university administrators, offering to collaborate with them to eliminate the fabrication of counterfeit certificates and degrees.

“Measures should be put in place to strengthen and make the verification system foolproof and have a lasting solution on how these vices can be stopped,” appealed Abdi Mohamud, EACC deputy CEO.

According to EACC Deputy Director Neheema Mkorori, at the partnership’s debut on Wednesday, the program includes examining systems in all departments to minimize fraudulent conduct.

“The goal is to have preventive systems in place and to ensure that institutes of higher learning run smoothly,” Ms. Mkorori added.

Moi University Vice-Chancellor Prof Isaac Kosgey highlighted the university’s openness to collaborate with other government entities to strengthen its systems and improve the quality of services.

“It is our commitment to have robust systems in the fight against corruption and curb the vice of fake certificates,” Prof Kosgey said.

Dr. Humphrey Njuguna, head of the University Council, has urged for concerted measures to combat bogus degrees, stressing that it calls into question the value of higher education.

“As a university, we have excellent leadership and integrity, and we commit to working with the EACC’s prevention unit on corruption and the issue of bogus degrees,” Dr Njuguna added.

Genuine academic papers are a must for job searchers, including those seeking crucial positions in the public sector, and county and national governments.

The EACC has encouraged colleges to end the problem of bogus degrees.

Moi University is one of the institutions of higher learning that the Auditor-office General has previously declared insolvent.

According to Auditor-General Nancy Gathungu, the university’s operations could not be sustained without government backing.

According to the 2019-20 fiscal year audit, it had total liabilities of Sh5.7 billion against assets of Sh5.2 billion.

The institution accumulated a Sh4.5 billion debt and could not satisfy some of its financial responsibilities, forcing it to raise tuition prices.

The debt was traced back to the unregulated establishment of constituent colleges and satellite campuses and allegations of administrative and financial mismanagement.

According to the Auditor-report General’s for June 2020, the institution had an income of Sh7.8 billion and expenditures of Sh8.3 billion, resulting in a Sh504 million deficit.

However, to get out of debt, the university has begun to reduce its 10,000-person workforce.

Moi University, EACC Partners to Curb Corruption and Fake Degrees


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